Congress should join hands with Shivpal for UP elections : Suresh Khanna

Senior Uttar Pradesh minister Suresh Khanna has advised Priyanka Gandhi to form an alliance with Pragatisheel Samajwadi Party (PSPL) to save the face of her party.

Taunting the beleaguered Congress in UP, he said that at least the election meetings of Shivpal Yadav are attracting more crowds than her rallies and meetings. “Moreover, the Rahul Gandhi-Akhilesh Yadav alliance has already been rejected by the state’s people in 2017, so it is better to go with Shivpal this time,” suggested Khanna.

Calling Priyanka’s election campaign nothing more than a ‘pleasure trip to Uttar Pradesh’, Khanna said, “Priyanka is a seasonal politician. The party that has ruled over the country and the state for the longest periods of time, was sidelined by the people of Uttar Pradesh three decades ago. The people again did the right thing by completely ending their political presence in 2014, 2017 and 2019 elections.”

The minister said, “After brother’s (Rahul Gandhi) flop show, sister is busy in political photoshoots while enjoying UP tourism.”

When this also failed to produce any fruitful results, she is making hollow promises to the people of UP which she is trying to avoid in Punjab, where her party is in power. Due to this, her political intentions have been exposed in front of people.

Mocking Priyanka Gandhi, Khanna said, “Despite all the measures, she is lagging behind Shivpal Yadav. Therefore, my advice to her is to preserve her remaining credibility by forming an electoral alliance with the PSPL. Shivpal Yadav would probably be ready to give her 40 seats in the upcoming elections,” he added.